• Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Naturally obtained from the first pressing of the olive by mechanical means, SPERLONGA Extra Virgin olive oil is the highest quality classification of olive oil, characterised by its outstanding, fruity taste and low acidity.
    Extra Virgin Olive oil, with its intense and distinctive flavour, is an ideal accompaniment to cooked food, salad dressings and mayonaise, and also for drizzling onto salad leaves and pasta.
  • Olive Oil

    Pure Olive oil is exclusively obtained from the fruit of the olive tree and never mixed with any other oils, except for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
    Entirely free of solvents, it is often simply labelled as Olive oil; with a lighter taste than Extra Virgin oil, it retains the same health benefits.
    The delicate taste makes Pure Olive oil perfect for everyday use in salad dressings, marinades and mayonnaise, and will provide the delicious finishing touch to most dishes.
  • Pomace Olive Oil

    By extracting the oil from olive press-cake, Pomace Olive oil is carefully refined and then combined with Extra Virgin Olive oil.
    Cholesterol free, and richly containing Vitamins E, and A, Pomace olive oil, with its smooth colour, taste and aroma, can replace traditional oils in all your dishes in a healthy and delicious way.

  • Specialties

    Aroma Oils

    Casa OiliO Sperlonga Extra Virgin Olive Oil meets the Mediterranean flavors. Natural and fresh Lemon, Chili, Basil, Oregano, Time and Garlic join the green gold in an unique mix. The precious Truffle aroma in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings an amazing taste experience. Just few drops and a simple dish becomes a masterpiece. The Aroma Oils are available in single 250 ml bottle or in a handy gift Pack with 4 different flavors. Furthermore Casa Oilio Sperlonga produce a wide range of ethnic oils and dressings.
  • High Polyphenols Olive Oil

    Why polyphenols? Polyphenols absorb free radicals and have a positive impact on cardiovascular diseases and certain forms of cancer. They also act as anti-inflammatory, as confirmed in clinical studies. Why HP (High Polyphenol)? Average content of polyphenols in Extra virgin in the market is 180 mg/kg. Casa Oilio Sperlonga HP products bring a much higher intake of polyphenols with a small quantity.
  • Vegetable Oils

    The line of OTTO has been selected by Sperlonga Group focusing in the Chinese market.It is especially designed for market retailers,to be distributed in shops and supermarket chains. “OTTO” in Italian means number “8”, and meanwhile it’s a lucky number in Chinese traditions that means GOOD FORTUNE.

  • Kiddy

    Extra virgin olive oil is the best product to achieve health benefit but... Has a strong taste, often bitter and pungent. So not suitable for kids. Olive oil... Has a delicate taste but... Isn’t reach in healhty substancies.
    CASA OILIO SPERLONGA has developed an olive oil with the healthy characteristics of the extra virgin but the good taste of the olive oil...
    5% of high polyphenols extra virigin olive oil
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin D3
  • Frying Olive Oil

    good resistance, good taste, ...good for health.
    Sperlonga new Frying Olive Oil Let everybody agree
    GOOD RESISTANCE High smoke point
    GOOD TASTE Does not interfere with the food flavor
    GOOD FOR HEALT Rich in monounsaturated fat
    Sperlonga new frying olive oil Is the answer
  • EVOΩ 369

    EVOΩ 369, are substances very important for healthy life style and should be present in everyone’s diet and absolutely necessary for human body.
    Along with EVOΩ 369, are present other substances like ORIZANOL (for a better metabolism); VEGETABLE STHEROLS (against free radicals) and TOCOPHEROLS (vitamin E with antioxidant action). EVOΩ 369 are indispensable for cellular membrane creation, for the hemoglobin synthesis, they keep under control the cholesterol and they prevent the appearance of the rheunatoid arthritis and are indispensable in the regulation of the cerebral and nervous functions, carrying out an important anti-oxidant role against free radicals.

The Company

For the past century, sperlonga's family has been continuously devoted to the olive industry – from the orchard to the production of "state of the art" extra virgin olive oil.
Today we are operating in a new and changing global olive oil world. In order to achieve continued excellence, we too have gone global. We evaluate growing territories and carefully select varieties through a process of tasting and quality evaluation. We check all goods before commencing production, manage the oil filtration and blending process, then submit the final product to rigorous quality control.
But we don’t stop there! We are creating synergies with importers and distributors to provide faster and greater supply of superiour products and services. For example, our “just in time” delivery reduces inventory costs. And our private label cooperates with distribution companies worldwide by providing commercially promising products based on an in-depth analysis of consumer demands.
In 2004, on the wave of its worldwide commercial success, sperlonga's family changed the company’s organization to the shareholders company "Casa Oilio Sperlonga S.p.A."


Beginning in 1863, Domenico Sperlonga devoted his life to taking care of the olive-tree land he inherited from his ancestors.
His son Alessandro continued the same family tradition using the secret methods already used by his father. Today, the third generation of Olive growers, Domenico Sperlonga, the original founder's grandson, is proud to still be wortking with Olive Oils.
Committed to achieve always the excellence and to bring to the customers all over the world the fruit of an ancient tradition and secular history.

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